Press Release – Arnhem Company Builds First Luxury Home From Waste Plastic

Plastic House Is The ‘Tesla Of Homes’

The Arnhem company Save Plastics has a first in the Netherlands: the first ever fully self-supporting and mobile home made of local waste plastic, which does not compromise on luxury and comfort. “This is the Tesla of homes”, according to initiator Bram Peters. The house will be presented during the opening of the Arnhem Plasticvrij? (Plastic-free) event. This is taking place on 8 February at 16.00 in the Rozet building.

The house, also known as Save Home, applies innovative methods to cleverly combine comfort and sustainability. It is therefore the first house that unites the four elements of ‘good, green living’, i.e. comfort & security, self-support, mobility, and local, circular production. Peters adds: “We don’t want to compromise on any of the four elements.” This means that the house is fully mobile, can be connected via units (so can be made bigger and smaller), is as sustainable as possible and yet very comfortable and secure to live in. Peters adds: “The house will be fitted with all mod-cons so that it’s a real pleasure to live in.”

The Sustainable Side Of Plastic

The materials that are used for the construction of the house are as ‘local and circular’ as possible. This means that the plastic waste from Arnhem and its residents is melted to create doors and roofs. When the plastic ‘soup’ is used in this way, it is once again assigned a value. Peters adds: “So much is still incinerated, it’s just terrible.”

Plastic that is too tricky to recycle and the (mix of) low-value plastics, are often put into the incinerator or find their way to landfill. This then has no function or value. Save Plastics thinks that is a great shame because plastic has a life-span of 50 years per recycle and can be melted down to create something new nine times. “So we shouldn’t be burning it, but using it as a raw material. Then you can make plastic sustainable”, says an enthusiastic Peters.

Highly Energy-efficient And Self-supporting

The house is self-supporting: this means that is does not need to be connected to the electricity or gas networks. There is electric heating which works via solar panels and water is captured and recycled. The walls of the house also offer a very high degree of insulation, around twice as high as ordinary houses. That is why very little energy is required to heat the house.

Thinking In Both Green And Commercial Terms

Peters wants to use the initiative to demonstrate that anything is possible. Save Plastics has been making various products from waste plastics, which would otherwise disappear into the incinerator, for the past 30 years. “We can only create a new sustainable approach, if there is a market for it. We have been making fencing, street and park furniture, facing and lampposts for years. That is going really well. But, if you can show that you can also build great houses from waste plastic and that this could also be commercially interesting for the ordinary consumer, anything is possible”, adds the green entrepreneur.

Pioneering And Experimenting With Plastic Fantastic

Save Plastics is the co-founder of the cooperative Plastic Fantastic, a group of green ’thinkers’ and entrepreneurs who believe that the plastic soup problem could be approached in a better, more sustainable and practical manner. Peters adds: “It has never been done like this before. We will therefore come up against all of the issues during building, so it will not be perfect. But that fits with our ‘just do it’ mentality. You have to start somewhere if you want to change the world. That is why my family and I will be the first to live in the house.” Plastic Fantastic is also now working on the first completely plastic office: the dock office for Airhunters, on the IPKW-site.

Launch on 8 February

De lancering van de woning is onderdeel van Arnhem Plasticvrij? Deze manifestatie wordt op vrijdag 8 februari om 16:00 geopend door Groenlinks-wethouder Cathelijne Bouwkamp in het Rozet.  Op het dakterras van het Rozet-gebouw is de Save Home gedeeltelijk opgebouwd en kun je de woning in hybride virtual reality bekijken.

Arnhem Plastic-free?

Among other things, at the Arnhem Plastic-free? event, from 9 February to 10 April, you can visit the international exhibition Out to Sea, the plastic garbage project. This exhibition and the various workshops, readings, art projects and other activities will use confrontational and informative methods to create an overview of the plastic soup issue.

The pilot project has been supported by a contribution from the KVG programme, financed by the Afvalfonds association.

You are warmly invited to attend the launch of the Save Home. For more information, please call Bram Peters on

+31(0)6 5315 2926‬‬. Beeldmateriaal is te vinden in de persmap op

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Ons team

Bram, Marlous en René

Van oud plastic maakt moederbedrijf save plastics al 30 jaar nieuwe producten. En we zijn nu zover dat we een huis van 100% gerecycled plastic hebben gebouwd. Met onze save home willen we lokaal plastic afval koppelen aan de groeiende wens om flexibel te wonen, werken en dichtbij de natuur te leven. Nieuwsgierig? Neem dan contact met ons op via onderstaand formulier. Je kunt ons uiteraard ook bellen op 026 30 333 07, mailen op of een bericht achterlaten via social media.

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